Protecting our customers’ personal information is a priority to Autonum. In the following Privacy Policy you will be able to find answers to your questions as in why we ask for your personal information, what we do with such details on individuals and the promise we make to keep this collected information safe.

The term “personal information” means the information about a recognizable person. Beforehand, let us explain what personal information we collect from our customers. The information we ask individuals to provide are the following: the basic contact information (name, residential address, telephone numbers where we can reach the individual, e-mail address, birth date and Social Insurance Number), the credit and financial information (employment situation, if you own or rent a property, banking information for direct withdrawal and credit history) and other related information we might need in order to provide the best service possible for you. We will contact your references, your employer and your landlord to validate your information. Please keep in mind that if we fail to communicate with you using the information you have given us, we will contact these references. If we intend, in a nearby future, to use or reveal your information for a purpose that has not been mentioned previously, we will advise you before such action is taken. Autonum might also require the same information from a co-signer, depending on your file and your situation.

The reason we collect the previous information is to complete your file adequately and provide you with the services that best suit your particular exigencies. The information is also used to communicate with you, inform you on our new products or on those of our partners, should the opportunity arise. Some of the information on customers are kept for market studies and in case of a possible fraud or theft, please keep in mind that we can use the information to protect our company.

We share customers’ information with the Autonum Presto Leasing Inc. employees and with affiliated companies who require such information to help us provide our services like for example automotive dealers, insurance companies and credit report agents. In the event of a change in ownership of Autonum, we will transfer the information to the following party. Apart from the mentioned parties, we may use the information if required by law without your consent or knowledge but we will only disclose mandatory information.

On our website, we collect no information which could identify you personally unless you decide to deliberately supply this information. You are invited to visit the site any time, anonymously, without ever revealing any personal or financial information about yourself. To avoid unauthorized access to secure areas of the website, a user id and a password will be provided. We manage the environment of our server in the most appropriate way and we make sure that the infrastructure of the firewall is highly respected. We constantly revise our policies and our practices, watch our data networks, test the efficiency of our website security and we keep our technologies devices up to date to guarantee that the confidentiality of your information is never compromised.

It is your decision to provide Autonum Presto Leasing Inc. with personal information. Nonetheless, if you choose to censure details which are essential to our financing procedures, we will be limited in providing the service you have asked for. Your consent is important to us and we take in consideration that by signing a contract with us, by reading this Privacy Policy and by continuing to deal with us, you consent in the company using and collecting the personal information needed as described above. We may call the references given by your consent to verify this information and to be able to communicate with you when the situation so requires.

Should you have any questions, concerns or complaints as regards to our privacy policy, feel free to contact us at our toll free number 1-866-243-6235 and a privacy officer will assist you. If you wish to make changes to your personal information you can contact us at the following address:

4929 Jarry Est, #209
Montréal (Quebec) H1R 1Y1

Phone:                    514.322.0202             1.866.243.6235
Fax:                         514-666-1005            1.855.403.8880

Should there be any changes in our Privacy Policy such as removing or adding certain portions to the existing one, the adjustments will be done at the appropriate time and the modification date will be available for your convenience.